Name: Mason

Age: 5 years old

Position: Mascot at Swickard Auto Group

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The Story

Rescued from the streets of Central California, Mason spent the first few years bouncing from home to home until he found his forever home with us. He knew a good thing when he saw it, and he quickly put everyone under his spell, including Maggie, a shy, well-natured, rule-following border collie mix who had joined the family several years before.

As an influencer, Mason immediately went to work on Maggie, showing her how to never give up on searching for the best. Maggie was influenced to take more risks and only sometimes listen to what you are told. In Mason’s mind, opportunity must be quickly put-to-use; having fun is as essential as food and water, and there’s excitement in constantly searching for something good.

Mason quickly built his reputation as a feisty, outgoing mixed-breed firecracker who can always sniff out the best deals. His self-confidence is beyond his years, and he constantly tests his boundaries. He is known to us as a gentle rebel with high intelligence.

Mason’s favorite pastimes are eating and snacking, chasing anything that will run, rule-bending, lying in the warm sun, and sniffing out a good deal.

He is just as happy assisting in the kitchen as wandering about the house, looking for an adventure or opportunities to be exploited.

He appreciates what is best; everyone knows it must be good if Mason loves something.

You can count on any guarantee that bears his name, representing a good deal that has passed his sniff test.

Swickard Auto Group’s Commitment

Swickard Auto Group has spent years supporting animal rescue organizations.

We have lobbied to improve environments for animals and fought against commercial breeding. We have also led the way in developing laws to protect animals from breeders who are using animals in puppy mills under dire conditions to make money.

Swickard Auto Group believes in helping pets regardless of the condition they are in. Jeff Swickard has immensely contributed financially and personally to this cause.

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